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I have been a customer of NASCAIR for many years and have always been more than satisfied with their work and service – A five star rating to be sure.  Their work for me has run from semi annual maintenance to installation of a total HVAC system and a steam humidifier. David and his people always go the extra mile to assure the quality of their service.  I have recommended NASCAIR to my friends and all who have used their services are as satisfied as I am.

Roslyn F. 
Highly recommend Nascair. They moved an AC unit for a very good price and changed out a circuit board and explained how it works. Came out the day I called. Very professional. Price is good and fair. I will always use them!

Andy M.
Great Service. I have used for a few years at my home and rental home.  Easy to work with and fair prices!

I’ve been doing business with Nascair for 6 years and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. They’ve performed varied work for me but the most significant was a whole system replacement along with relocation of the air handler from 1st floor to directly above in the attic (ranch house). They also installed a whole house humidifier on an existing unit which was a very finicky install. They visited several times during the period to get the humidifier working to a predictable, steady-state of operation…all still within the quote they gave me.  I’ve also had them replace an entire system in my mother’s condo. NASCAIR focuses on a stellar installation and if there are issues, they stick with it until solved. Truly an A+ firm.

Katie B. 
Nascair did a fantastic job installing my furnace and HVAC. They gave me a fair price which was alot cheaper then Morris Jenkins. Do not use Morris Jenkins. The guys at Nascair were easy to work with and were also very trust worthy. Also, after the install they noticed that I had a leaking gas pipe on our hot water heater and they fixed it for free. I would totally recommend Nascair to anyone that is looking for service or an upgrade/replacement of your furnace and HVAC system.

Eve L. 
Danny C. was out at our house today and we were really impressed. He literally spent the entire day making sure that everything was operational with our air conditioning units…even the random one we have in the garage. We have a large house with multiple zones of heating and cooling and he combed through all of them very carefully. I feel confident that we’ll be in good shape going into the heat of the summer. He made the necessary repairs and the price was incredibly fair. We will definitely be calling on them again come fall to get a check up on our heating units and we’ll be asking for Danny again 🙂

Steve O. 
Here’s my experience …. Woke up, smelled a burning odor – knew my 23 year old furnace was toast. Called the Co. that serviced it – and they confirmed – and said A/C was soon to follow. They gave me a quote on both …. But not a lot of more info. // That’s when I dive into Internet and start the research process.

Bottom Line: As long as you get one of the Top Named equipment – you will be A-Ok … IT IS ALL ABOUT THE INSTALL !!!! So, I call 2 of the Big Names and 2 more local (yet recognizable) companies. I will tell you right here – I like to do business with local / independently owned types. Made appointments across one day – Nascair showed up precisely on time with the owner / Dave and “the go to guy” Mike. They walked me thru how they would implement and recommended 2 different series of equipment. An hour or two later I had a complete quote via email – everything spelled out.
Met the other 3 Cos. And it was what I had anticipated – they were more concerned about who else was quoting / pitch book / arm twisting / — one guy cancelled his appt 3 times — it was painful.
So – I jumped in with Nascair – installers Alex & Luis were EXCELLENT !!! Called before they showed up / explained their process / worked hard all day …. Just really good guys. Proud of their work quality and it shows.
Dave & Mike came buy to check up and took his workers out for lunch – that should tell you about this company right there !!!
SO – here’s my advice : GET 3 QUOTES / Obviously one from NASCAIR.
Then GO WITH YOUR GUT with who you want to give your $ Too…. And who you trust. IN MY OPINION- YOU WONT GO WRONG BY USING NASCAIR !!!

Note: I learned those “big guys” spend approx. $800k annually in advertising (guess who foots a lot of that?) And – They get some of those marketing funds from one of the Mnfg. – which is the system they try to shove down your throat…..

Brian F.
Three years ago I had a different company replace the coil on our AC system because it was leaking Freon.  I thought that company’s price was a little high and I am unsure if they are even still around.  I really dislike calling the big AC places that have TV commercials because they often are commissioned and try to sell you unnecessary stuff,  It’s the same reason I take my car to a local mechanic.  Anyway, our AC just did not seem to be working as efficiently as it should, so I gave NASCAIR a call based on Yelp reviews and a friend’s recommendation.  They sent a guy out who checked the Freon levels, temperatures, main unit, and coil.  Everything was functioning normally and the Freon was only about a half pound low. He said that the maximum temperature an AC unit in the Charlotte area can handle is 93 degrees and that an AC unit can only cool to a maximum of 20 degrees.  With the hotter than usual weather this summer, it was normal for our AC to be running constantly and not cooling below 80 degrees during the day.  Since the weather will be cooling soon, he said he could install the Freon (which is expensive) or wait until the springtime and have them check it again.  I chose the latter and will definitely be giving these guys a call.  Total price for this thorough service call where I was not even attempted to be upsold anything?  85 bucks.  If you need HVAC service, give this company a call.  It is great to know that places like this that don’t have to put thousands of dollars into stupid commercials still exist.  Oh, and the price for the other company that replaced the coil before? Not so bad considering the price of Freon at the time.

Chris B.
My A/C has been keeping me cool at 72 degrees, thanks to the new coil you installed a few months ago. Thanks for taking such good care of me!

Shawn L.
Another service company was sent by the home warranty company and quoted us $600+ to replace a zone board that was not broken. We called Nascair because the company contracted by the home warranty company gave a explanation and quote that didn’t seem quite right. The Nascair technician arrived on time, was professional and courteous, and did a diagnostic test on the board and discovered it was working fine. A wire was not connected correctly and was causing the furnace to not operate properly. The service technician explained and documented everything, and was thorough in fixing the problem. They saved us $500 by a correct diagnosis of the problem. I have a warm house and Nascair has a happy customer.

Scott K.
They replaced an air conditioning unit. This was the outdoor unit and they replaced parts in the attic. The unit is for the upstairs of our home. The experience was very good. They did what they said they would do. The price was better than I expected as I did compare prices.

Leslie S.
Most recently, Nascair replaced a 30-year-old furnace for us. Previously, Nascair had replaced a worn out AC unit and installed “smart” thermostats for us. These guys are the best. During 25 years of homeownership in Charlotte, we have used other heating/AC folks, all of whom gave us satisfactory service. Nascair, though, is the over and above winner in this category, and we will be using them from now on. The company is large enough to provide rapid response and have technicians skilled in every job, but small enough to give personal service. And, most important, the owners and their employees demonstrate a strong work ethic and high level of integrity. They put our comfort and safety first, while providing thorough, cost-effective service. I am glad they are in the business!

Ann A.
NASCAIR recommended I heat and air condition my downstairs den and bedroom with a DAIKIN mini-split. And they recommended a second DAIKIN mini-split for the sunroom (upstairs) we added over our garage. Both solutions have been wonderful and made both areas of our home so much more comfortable and usable. We turned the large sunroom into our dining room and our guests are comfortable. No other company had ever told us about the mini-split option but it worked perfectly for our problem areas. The mini-splits are so energy efficient too. Thanks NASCAIR!

Jay and Mike and David all came out on the first visit to look at the areas where a second full HVAC system had been recommended by other HVAC companies. But NASCAIR recommended the use of energy efficient mini-splits. I had never heard of the product but I read its use globally and decided that it was exactly what we needed. The installation went smoothly and the area was left neat when they left. I so appreciate this recommendation of new technologies that are saving us a bundle. We are really enjoying our whole house now.