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warrantyWhen you make the decision to purchase new HVAC equipment from NASCAIR, you have not just purchased a mechanical piece of equipment. What you have done is purchased peace of mind with warranties and given your trust to NASCAIR. We do not take lightly the fact that you have given us your trust and faith.

HVAC Warranties

Every manufacturer establishes a slightly different warranty for its equipment. In general, though, all warranties share certain characteristics:

  • Manufacturer warranties only cover parts, and this is only honored if a licensed HVAC contractor declares that manufacturer defect is the cause of the problem.
  • The length of time the manufacturer warranty covers newly installed equipment is typically 10 years from the date of installation with timely registration.
  • Unregistered equipment might only have a manufacturer warranty of 5 years, which is why NASCAIR takes the responsibility of registration away from the homeowner. We register all new equipment on the homeowners’ behalf.
  • The labor warranty for newly installed equipment is not through the manufacturer but through NASCAIR. Our labor warranty is 18 months from the time of install.
  • Manufacturers do not have combined parts and labor warranties but you may be able to purchase extended warranties that will cover parts and labor.

Why is a Maintenance Plan Important?

  • You may wonder why Annual Maintenance is necessary if you have a new system with manufacturer warranties. The answer is that warranties only remain valid if your system has yearly service and maintenance by a certified HVAC contractor, which is why warranties and maintenance agreements go hand in hand.
  • Neglecting annual maintenance: Here’s where maintenance agreements affect HVAC warranties, many of which state you must have your equipment serviced yearly to keep the warranty valid. Even extended parts and labor warranties will be void without annual service and maintenance. Manufacturers will not guarantee the performance of neglected and uncared for equipment. After all, no matter how high-end your heating and cooling system is, it’s a machine that requires annual maintenance to remain in good working condition for years to come.

In addition, scheduled annual maintenance helps to avoid the hassle associated with unexpected breakdowns. They also pay for themselves by catching problems early, thus helping to avoid unnecessary repairs while having the effect of keeping efficiency high so your energy bills remain low.