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Indoor Air Quality- Dirty Sock Syndrome

Occasionally we get calls concerning funky odors, when the heat or air conditioning comes on. This problem is more prevalent with heat pumps than with gas furnaces. These odors can usually be attributed to mold spores or indoor air pollution. The mold grows on the evaporator coil because it remains wet most of the year, when the temperature increases it activates the spore and releases a foul odor. Some evaporator coils get contaminated because of indoor air pollution this can be caused by the man made products we put into the air of our homes.

For example cooking oils, deodorants, air fresheners, perfumes, cleaners, pet & human dander, all of these can end up on your indoor coil. There is a name for this phenomenon it is called dirty sock syndrome, it is actually pretty rare and sometime a good cleaning can eliminate it but often the coil must be replaced.