Hood Vent Installation

Hood Vent Installation

An Expert is Critical for Proper Installation

Buying a hood vent or downdraft is easy—appliance stores will sell them to you all day long! However, that is the easiest part of the process. The installation process takes an expert to properly ventilate your fan exhaust out through your roof. Call us today and schedule a professional installation to make sure the job is done right and assure that you’re not losing AC or heat through your exhaust fan.

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Remember, bigger is not always better! The purpose of the hood vent, downdraft, or range vent is to remove contaminated air from the kitchen. This sounds simple enough. But at what point is it too loud, and when is too much air being removed?

Our HVAC installers are licensed to perform this work. When doing any type of kitchen upgrades that involve gas or moving air, notify NASCAIR Heating and Cooling to let one of our knowledgeable professionals give you an estimate and install your hood vent correctly—this will prevent a lot of headaches later!

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