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Special Offers

Call Now to Schedule Your NASCAIR AC Tune-up.

Through June 30, 2017 it’s $89 Per Unit.

Maintenance for your AC system is VITAL to increasing

your system’s overall efficiency & longevity.


NASCAIR’s multi-point inspection and tune-up will:
• Identify weak or worn parts which may fail in peak times
• Identify faulty duct issues and conditioned air loss
• Prevent potential water damage
• Check all electrical connections
• Check gas pressures to determine efficiency
• Clean your condenser & evaporator coil to help them work to their maximum potential

This check-up will result in:
• improved system operation
• lower utility bills
• increased comfort during the hot days which are coming.

Call 803-802-8884 to schedule.

The $89 Pre-Season offer is only for units which are working.
This price does not include needed parts, which would be replaced only after your approval.

This offer is valid through 6/30/17.