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The air we breathe in our homes is not good! This is not a huge revelation; in Charlotte NC and South Carolina almost everybody has an allergy or some kind of respiratory ailment. The pollen here is almost like paint.


Think about this; your home is made of synthetic materials, which have off gasses.


For Example:

  • Carpet
  • Drapes
  • Paints
  • All Construction Material

.         Electronics

.         Furniture


Then we use chemicals to clean our homes and use air fresheners and sprays to mask odors.


On top of this we use cooking oils, have pets, wash clothes, vacuum, use pesticides, deodorants, hair spray, perfumes and a plethora of other toxins that contribute to this chemical bubble we live in.


Get the idea; we are living in a self tainted Petri dish.


Obviously there are steps that a homeowner can take to make there environment healthier, some cheap some not so cheap.


For Example:

.       Change the air filters in your house every 30 days.

.       Vacuum often

.         Remove carpets

.       If vents are in the floor have them professionally cleaned.

.         Use paints with low VOCs (off gases).

.       Get rid of the cat keep, keep the dog! DOGS RULE!

.       Install a Honeywell UV light, germicidal bio light.

.       Install a whole house air purification system such as a Lennox “ Pure Air” or a Honeywell TrueCLEAN whole house filtration unit. Both of these products offer state of the art technology, dependability, maintenance and easy serviceability. Visit Lennox.com, yourhomehoneywell.com, aprilaire.com, to be fully informed about the specifics of each product.