Lake Wylie, SC

servicing hvac in Lake Wylie

We have been servicing the Lake Wylie area since 2003 and have seen a wide variety of units due to the areas older houses and a mix of some new businesses moving into the area. We have serviced & installed a number of new HVAC Heating and Air Conditioning units as builders update the existing homes and continue to build new ones. The older homes use an R22 refrigerant that will be  phased-out in 2020, and no longer be available.

Homeowners in the Lake Wylie area with older air conditioning systems will be facing a difficult choice: replace their entire air conditioning system or continue to pursue costly and hard-to-find R22 refrigerant. Standards for types of refrigerants used in air conditioning repair and maintenance are changing, and this means that this most common and least expensive refrigerant will soon be phased out in 2020. 

relax on lake wylie

Life is better on Lake Wylie! While Lake Wylie is actually an unincorporated area of York County, it is one of the fastest growing areas. Enjoy a little slice of heaven through public docks on Lake Wylie like Buster Boyd Boat Ramp. Sit back with some good food at Papa Doc’s Shore Club on the water or enjoy a fantastic breakfast at Bagel Boat. 

​Check out the McDowell Nature Preserve. It has over 7 miles of trail offering hikers and nature enthusiasts the opportunity to explore a variety of terrain with scenic views of Lake Wylie, forests, streams, and a piedmont prairie restoration area. 

After a day of activities or on the Lake check out some of the great places to eat in the area or stop in and relax at the Lake Wylie Brewing Co. Their microbrewery is family-friendly, with a large outdoor area for kids to run around and play while the adults can enjoy a pint or two. Stop in at Lake Wylie Brewing Co. today for great beer, great food, and great times!