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Letter from David & Michael

A Message from David Drew, Owner & Michael Thiessen, Operations Manager:

First, we want to thank you for visiting our site. We realize this isn’t Amazon or YouTube, so there can only be a handful of reasons you are seeking us out. Here are a few guesses: Your heating and cooling system is broken. You’re looking for a second opinion. You’re wondering if we are cheaper. You heard we are a very good company. Do we have an annual maintenance program? You’re checking to see if you can get a feel for us from our website. And lastly, you’re a homeowner that wants to know who you are letting into your home and what their intentions are. We are going to answer these questions and a few more.

We are a North and South Carolina licensed mechanical contractor. We are bonded, insured and pay all the taxes, workman’s compensation and inspection fees associated with running a city and state compliant HVAC company. If you are having problems with your Charlotte Air Conditioning our technicians are real technicians. They get dirty and find the “Real Cause” of the problem, not some excuse to pad their pockets. The last thing we want our technicians to say is “you need to replace it”. NASCAIR understands this economy. We are living through it with you. There will come a time when you can afford to replace the system and we hope you will remember our integrity. Our A/C MAINTENANCE program covers the entire system – condenser, coils, drains, ductwork, system charge and system electrics. Our credentials are – A+ with BBB, A+ on Angie’s-List, Members of the North and South Carolina State Board, David being an alumni of the WBT Home Improvement Show, our testimonials and, of course, Yelp and Google reviews.

Now the last two items go hand in hand. Our technicians are well paid. We don’t want them leaving and going to the competition. They are smart, courteous and reflect our moral compass. If you know anything about running a successful business you know it’s the employees that are the lynchpin to satisfaction, so we want them happy and excited to come to work hence we charge a fair price for services rendered. We don’t want to be the cheapest, we want to be known as craftsman – knowledgeable and sought out for our expertise. We have worked hard and learned many lessons in order to be considered amongst the best in our industry. So, if you are basing your decision on cheapest price or want to marginalize the product you would be missing the tangible value and experience that David, Michael and every NASCAIR employee brings into the solution.

Sincere Thanks
David Drew and Michael Thiessen