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I have strong feelings about this subject; a majority of homeowners focus on the glitz rather than the functionality of the remodel or addition. Let me share with you a typical scenario, home owner hires a general contractor with a license, they decide to add square footage or a sunroom. The homeowner is excited to get going and the contractor is happy to have the work, then at some point someone brings up the subject of heating and cooling the new addition and this is where things go awry. They both want to believe that they can “tap” off the existing system to get the job done but it never ends up right. We have been brought into many a finished sunroom and asked to get it cool because this is where they want to spend their evenings; fact of the matter is there is nothing we can do. If they had brought a HVAC company in during the design phase we would have suggested a mini split system that is inconspicuous and highly efficient, however the location needs to be in the design to accommodate its dimensions, refrigerant lines and drains. Too often a general contractor will bring in a HVAC person that does the bare minimum to “just make it work”; the GC knows the homeowner knows nothing about HVAC so it can be hidden in the budget. Let me clarify, typically the GC will use the cheapest equipment and the least expensive installer to get the job done, why? Because it digs into his profit and it is a subject you know nothing about. Ponder this; once the GC is done and all money has exchanged hands what recourse do you have if the system fails in a year? Bueller? Bueller? Not present. Now let’s put the power in your hands, You hire a reputable HVAC company (preferably NASCAIR) show them the plans, decide on brands, efficiency, solutions and budget, now they are responsible to you not the GC, you have established the expectations and relationship. NASCAIR works with only a few remodeling contractors because we want a direct relationship with the homeowner. The owner of Exterior Additions, Doug Lynch is one of the elite contractors that understand the importance of letting all of his subs have a meet and greet with the homeowner. This practice removes an incredible amount of confusion, builds trust, and shortens the project time.