Replacing Your HVAC System

hvac system

The age of your HVAC system is the most significant indicator that it’s time for replacement.

Did you know when we ask customers how old their system is they tell me they don’t know, we will get responses like “It came with the house” and when some guess they say “I think its ten years old” but when we check the serial numbers its typically much older. One of the problems with your HVAC system is it’s out of sight and out of mind until it stops working and then it becomes an emergency. Typically, a well-installed HVAC system should last 12-15 years, maybe longer if well-maintained; I cannot stress enough how important keeping the outdoor unit and evaporator coil clean is. An outdoor unit pulls air through the sides and will suck in grass clippings, mulch and leaves like a vacuum through the sides and that gets impacted on the coils therefore not allowing the refrigerant to cool down properly, consequently making the outdoor fan work harder leading to higher electrical consumption and failure, this brings me to the bi-annual maintenance agreements we call NASCAIR Advantage. I can only speak for my company and hope that others are informing their customers the same way, an annual maintenance checklist should be written as historical data, for example, temperatures, pressures, condensate drains, airflow, the amp draw on motors, capacitors, condition of ductwork, condition of evaporator coil ( one of the primary pieces of cooling and has the highest failure rate) and a thorough examination for rust everywhere, this documentation lets you know if the system is degrading year over year by refrigerant leaks, higher amp draw on motors, water damage via clogged drains, animals getting into duct (crawl spaces and attics) or that it is doing well, either way you can see the progression and it holds us accountable to you.

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