Rock hill, SC

servicing hvac in Rock Hill, SC

We have been servicing the Rock Hill area since 2003 and have seen a wide variety of units due to the areas older houses and a mix of some new businesses moving into the area. We have serviced & installed a number of new HVAC Heating and Air Conditioning units as builders update the existing homes and continue to build new ones. The older homes use an R22 refrigerant that will be  phased-out in 2020, and no longer be available.

Homeowners in the Rock Hill area with older air conditioning systems will be facing a difficult choice: replace their entire air conditioning system or continue to pursue costly and hard-to-find R22 refrigerant. Standards for types of refrigerants used in air conditioning repair and maintenance are changing, and this means that this most common and least expensive refrigerant will soon be phased out in 2020. 

a new rock hill rebirth

Rock Hill offers scenic riverfront views along the Catawba River and is home to numerous nature trails, restaurants, and thirty-one parks which are used for both national and local events. Its historic downtown consist of twelve contiguous buildings built as early as 1840 offering dining and retail options. The city is also home to three colleges, including Winthrop University, a public liberal arts university founded in 1886 which enrolls nearly 6,000 students annually.

Check out the many parks and sporting events in the Rock Hill area Rock Hill is well known for a variety of well-maintained public parks and outdoor amenities. Among parks, there are also numerous hiking, kayaking and bicycling options both in and near the city of Rock Hill. The city itself is home to thirty-one parks, four recreational centers, one botanical garden, along with the many hiking and biking trails.

After a day of activities you can relax in knowing that we have you covered with great places to eat and drink for the whole family. Local watering holes include Legal Remedy Brewing that also has an amazing kitchen, Burgers and Barley for Burgers and Tots, and Slow play brewing has become a hot spot for music and craft beer.