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Duct Replacement

DSC_0413-1If the furnace and the air conditioning system is the heart of your house the ductwork is the arteries and veins. First we love metal trunk line and R-6 or R-8 silver foil flexible duct, if an older house has good solid metal ductwork we ask that you keep it, have it cleaned and let us insulate with r-8 foil wrap. Many houses built in the last 25 years have a product called duct board, it is a fiberglass board that was easier to work with and cheaper to install. At NASCAIR in Charlotte we typically replace this product and go back with metal. If you believe you are having issues with your ducting or vents NASCAIR will inspect this free of charge and provide photos of the damage. Due to our diligence and reputation we have become the authority on duct design, Jay Miller has been designing balanced air delivery systems for 30 years. NASCAIR has installers that are trained to look beyond the “repair” they look and crawl around the system for leakage, kinks, excess flex, moisture and faulty connections. It is incumbent on you the homeowner to know the condition of your equipment, out of sight out of mind does not cut it, allow NASCAIR heating and cooling to give you a written report every season on the condition of your equipment, a thorough assessment.