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System(s) Design and Installation

Construction, Replacement, and Installation of your HVAC System.

At NASCAIR, we are able to serve all of your home heating and air conditioning needs. Whether it be new construction, replacement or installation, we are there when you need us.

HVAC replacement may become a necessity because of failure of your old system, the desire to become more energy efficient or for overall home comfort and satisfaction. The average HVAC system has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. If you’re approaching this time frame or just not feeling comfortable in your home, our qualified service technicians can check your system and advise you on the pros and cons of repairing or replacing your existing system based on our findings.

We specialize in assessing your home and your family’s needs when it comes to replacing the current system in your home or adding a new system to an addition, garage, etc. As part of our Free In Home Consultation, we will perform the following:

  • A Heat Loss/Heat Gain Calculation required by State Code
  • Inspection of the duct system for efficiency and adequate air flow within your home
  • Verification of electrical and gas supply to be sure everything meets code for new installation
  • Address any concerns you may have including issues with the current system, your family’s allergies and use of the system
  • We also offer a full line of accessory products to increase the comfort and efficiency of your HVAC system, as well as keep the air your family breaths cleaner and healthier.

Replacing your HVAC system isn’t at the top of everyone’s budget list. We offer financing with approved credit and we offer promotions all year long. Visit our financing page for more information and to apply for financing.


Do you have Duke Energy Progress or PSNC? If so you may be able to get a rebate with your new system. We can provide you with more information about rebates