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The NASCAIR Difference

DSC_0910dsc_0634What Makes Us Special?

I don’t even have to think hard about this because it comes up in daily conversation with our customers, read our Yelp, GOOGLE or Angie’s List reviews and it’s sincere.

When NASCAIR decides to take a job we own it, from start to finish. What does that mean, it means we just will not just change equipment out or replace a part we think is bad or dutifully add refrigerant every year. This is a long term commitment between NASCAIR and the homeowner.

My Obligation / Our Obligation

As the owner of NASCAIR my first obligation is to protect my license by way of permitting, bonding, insurance, calculations, and hiring very good people to protect you and I. My second obligation is to inform and protect you my dear customer, when you allow NASCAIR into your home it is a big deal, it’s your home! NASCAIR is responsible for your heating and cooling system, the most expensive and complicated apparatus in your home, the machine uses natural gas, high voltage a refrigerant, a blower, hundreds of feet of duct work and produces 15 gallons of water a day through dehumidification, whew. So what makes us special, we dig and we dig harder than any one I know, it’s in our DNA not to quit, we will figure out why a part failed, we will find out if it’s still in warranty, we will get the manufacturer involved if we have a problem, we will examine the duct-work and see if it still has integrity to deliver cold or hot clean air, we will tell you things you may not want to hear, we will hold you accountable if it something you could of prevented but more so we hold ourselves to the highest accountability because we are the professionals. Don’t stop me I’m on a roll, I know the people here at NASCAIR are tenacious, the customers ask for the techs by name, they don’t want anyone else in their homes, they ask how’s David, how’s David’s son? I have been taking care of the people in Charlotte and the surrounding area for 22 years and I deeply love my customers, I can count on 4 fingers those that I regret doing business with. I am very proud of this company the employees and the fact that our customers hold us in such high regard.

Thank you,
David Drew