What Can I Expect During An Air Conditioning Maintenance Call?

ac maintenance

Have you ever wondered what goes on during a typical air conditioning maintenance call? You would be surprised to learn the level of investigation and detail that is performed during that initial visit to ensure your unit is in tip-top shape. Keeping your air conditioning system in good shape is not only important for keeping your energy bills low, it is also important for the quality of your home’s air and ultimately, your health.

There is a host of items to take into account when assessing your air conditioning system. For instance, we look at the age of the house, the condition of the duct work, and determine whether there is any moisture in the crawlspace. We look at the condition of moisture barriers, the foundation vents and check to see if there is rust on the equipment. We verify the adhesives and tapes are still holding the duct work joints together properly. We check the filters, the size of the return duct, and of course the equipment itself. And, we document everything.

Before any technician disturbs an outdoor unit, they look it over like a crime scene. They look for oil stains on the copper, loose service valves, uneven platform or missing insulation. They also look at the thermostat wire to make sure it has not been destroyed by the sun or by vibration caused by motors. This is where a trained eye and ear can make a big difference.

The homeowner is informed of the condition of each unit before it is touched. After our assessment, we clean the AC unit and attach our gauges to confirm that they are fully charged and consuming the correct amount of power. We then get to work on a step-by-step maintenance checklist. Each of our technicians perform the following tasks to each of the outside AC units:

  • Clean coils that are accessible
  • Flush the problematic condensate drains
  • Analyze the blower motor compartment
  • Measure capacitors
  • Check to see if the wheel and duct liner are dirty
  • Scan all duct connections
  • Measure all voltages, capacitors and refrigerant levels
  • Record all model numbers, serial numbers, levels, thoughts, and recommendations

We make sure your entire system is evaluated and any problems uncovered are repaired during our maintenance call. All that is required of the home owner is to change the filter every month with a low cost, pleated filter.

Get the peace of mind of knowing your air conditioning system has been thoroughly checked and evaluated. Contact NASCAIR to receive the most reliable, thorough, AC maintenance in the Charlotte and Fort Mill areas. Call us at (803) 802-8884 or email us at contact@nascair.com, we look forward to hearing from you!


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