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We are over half way through the month of June and the temperature is in the mid to upper 90s, It’s hot it’s humid and it is miserable to walk outside. At this point in the year we are getting phone calls about air conditioners not keeping up or “ I have the thermostat set at 72 and its reading 76”. If you are having annual maintenance done by NASCAIR or another reputable company and your system is properly charged and clean and it’s not keeping up here is the answer…it is hot outside.

By code and government regulation we have a design temperature we go by when installing a new system in your house and that magic number is 93 degrees. What does that mean, the system is designed to keep your house 20 degrees colder than outside temperature and the max temperature we use is 93 degrees. But David it is 98 degree outside why not design it for 101 degrees and it will handle the hottest days? The answer is we could but then we create a bigger unhealthier problem, you see 93 degrees is an average of the hottest days in the peak summer months, therefore we calculate for that exact demand, if we over size the system it will get the house cold but leave humidity in the air. A properly sized cooling system will remove up to 15 gallons of water from the air per day, air conditioning serves 2 purposes, removing heat and removing humidity, the longer a system runs the more humidity is removed from the air, making you feel drier and more comfortable. If humidity is left in the air due to an oversized system things in the house will start to mold, clothes in a closet, furniture and walls. Bottom line, if your system is running all day in extreme temperatures and is keeping the house 18 -20 degrees cooler than outside, count your blessings; it’s working right.