Signs Your Heating System Needs to Be Repaired and the Benefits of Regular Maintenance for Your HVAC System

As winter ends, your heating system worked throughout the season to keep your home comfortable, but is it time to have it inspected and repaired? While HVAC systems are designed to be durable and long-lasting, they are not immune to wear and tear. Recognizing the signs that your heating system needs repair can prevent minor issues from escalating into major problems. Furthermore, understanding the importance of regular maintenance can help you ensure the longevity and efficiency of your HVAC system. …
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Replacing Your HVAC System

The age of your HVAC system is the most significant indicator that it’s time for replacement. Did you know when we ask customers how old their system is they tell me they don’t know, we will get responses like “It came with the house” and when some guess they say “I think its ten years old” but when we check the serial numbers its typically much older. One of the problems with your HVAC system is it’s out of sight …
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Does HVAC maintenance save money?

When it comes to the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system, having it on a regular maintenance plan is key. This includes having it cleaned and inspected regularly, and changing the filters often. If you want to avoid the problems that can arise from a dirty HVAC system, then you need to make sure that it is maintained.
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Which Air Filters Should I Buy in Charlotte, NC?

It depends more on the occupancy of the house and if the duct system was properly sized during installation. Let’s look first at occupancy, the amount of people, pets and traffic will tell you what you need and how often to change the filter. If you have a bustling household, 2.5 kids a dog a cat, a llama, and the door to the outside is constantly swinging open and closed you will need to change your filters every 20-30 days.
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Replacing my heating system in Charlotte, NC?

Depending on where you live, your furnace may be the most vital household appliance during the winter months. It provides the warmth and comfort you need to remain protected and safe throughout the season. Because it is such an important and complex tool in order to keep your home comfortable and warm, that can also  mean that it is pricey to fix and more expensive to replace totally. In some cases depending on the age of the system it may even be more to run than new more efficient systems. 
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What Size HVAC System Should I Buy?

The average HVAC system has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. When it’s time to replace your old system, many factors go into determining the correct size. A professional HVAC consultant must visit your house and take detailed measurements and assess your particular requirements. The type of house and walls, the type and size of windows, insulation, basement, attic conditions and house orientation will be considered. With your house measurements and assessment, the consultant can perform a performance load calculation to assure proper system size.