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Replace Old Ducts with New Professional Ductwork Installation in Fort Mill and Charlotte!

Some older types of ductwork can be a major cause of higher electric bills and poor indoor air quality. Duct board is a fibrous material used exclusively in new construction over the last 30 years, and has been problematic—it loses its rigidity and deteriorates internally over time. Fiber rigid duct board is different from felt duct liner—duct liner has been around for a long time and has a felt like cover over it to contain and protect the strands. At NASCAIR, we recommend wrapped (R-8) metal duct for returns and supply plenums, and flexible R-8 duct for individual lines.

If you think or you have been told your duct work needs replacing please contact us at NASCAIR for an assessment in Charlotte, NC, Fort Mill, SC and surrounding areas. We schedule almost all ductwork replacement for the cooler slower months due to the amount of time it takes and the temperature of the working environment. Remember that annual maintenance on your HVAC system helps prevent breakdowns and extends the life of the equipment. Contact us today!

Is It Time to Replace Your Old Ductwork?

Ductwork is Often Overlooked

The ductwork is the most overlooked part of the system. Typically, ductwork is found in the attic, between the floors, or in the crawlspace. Most homeowners don’t go into these places, nor would they know what to look for.

Indications of Duct Issues

Common indicators of a problem with the duct are musty odors or sweating ductwork, a crawl space that is colder than your house (summer), and high energy bills. Typically, these problems are found on maintenance inspections and can be addressed on the spot.

FREE Inspections

If you believe you are having issues with your ducting or vents, NASCAIR will inspect them free of charge as well as provide photos of any damage. Due to our diligence and reputation, we have become the authority on duct design.

Skilled Installation

NASCAIR installers are trained to look beyond the “repair.” We carefully inspect the system for leakage, kinks, excess flex, moisture, and faulty connections. Allow our team to give you a thorough assessment and a written report of the condition of your equipment, no matter the season.

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Our HVAC services include heating and air conditioning repair, maintenance and replacements on all makes and models.

We also offer installation of ductless heating and air systems, ductwork replacement, home HVAC inspections and more.

Extend The Life Of Your System

Your HVAC Needs Annual Maintenance

With NASCAIR Advantage, you can be assured that your system(s) will be inspected, cleaned and adjusted each season. There will be no worry about forgetting—as one of our Advantage Customers, NASCAIR will remind you to schedule your seasonal maintenance!

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NASCAIR utilizes highly trained technician professionals to service, repair and install all types of heating & air conditioning equipment and systems, from simple to the most complex, to meet each of our customer’s needs and budgets. Great service is our top priority!

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