Commercial Services

Commercial Services

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Are you in need of commercial heating and air services in Fort Mill, SC, Charlotte, NC, or the surrounding areas? Our service department is ready to help. Call us now at (803) 802-8884 to schedule!

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NASCAIR Can Handle Your Light Commercial HVAC Service and Repair Needs!

As a business owner, your heating and air conditioning needs are substantially different than those of a homeowner. You want to provide for the comfort of all your employees by choosing an HVAC system that is energy efficient. Working with a professional HVAC contractor is the best way to choose the heating and cooling components that meet your unique needs.

Commercial heating and air conditioning systems are designed to provide indoor comfort no matter the temperature outside. NASCAIR can help you find both traditional, duct-based systems, and ductless systems to meet your needs. In addition to new system installation, we can also take care of all your commercial heating and cooling repairs and maintenance needs. Call Ross & Witmer at (803) 802-8884 to schedule your commercial service today!

Keep Your Business Running

Light Commercial HVAC

NASCAIR specializes in the installation of Commercial HVAC systems.

Replacement Specs

We are licensed to replace commercial HVAC systems up to 15 tons.

Year-Round Maintenance

We perform annual checkups and pre-season inspections for worry-free performance.

Solutions Based on the

Size & Needs of Your Business

NASCAIR offers a full range of solutions based on the size and needs of your business. It all begins when one of our certified NASCAIR technicians completes an assessment to accurately determine if your system needs replacement. If the determination is made that a Commercial Replacement System is needed, NASCAIR will gather the necessary information to determine what system will best fit your needs. 

Determining factors such as space, size, usage, existing ductwork and existing electrical supply are all considered.  Gathering this information allows NASCAIR to configure the most efficient system possible for you to ensure that you remain comfortable year-round while saving money on your heating and cooling bills.

Team of Professionals

NASCAIR offers year-round commercial maintenance, annual checkups and pre-season inspections for worry-free performance all year long. Please ask about our NASCAIR Commercial Maintenance Agreements that will make your comfort our priority.

Commercial HVAC Installation
All about teamwork

Our technicians and installers are trained and updated annually by factory representatives. Representatives from all the manufacturers, including Lennox, Amana, Daikin and Honeywell certify our people before they can install their equipment.

nascair customer
Well trained and courteous

Our technicians are well paid. We don’t want them leaving and going to the competition. They are smart, courteous, and reflect our moral compass.

Commercial HVAC Services
Honest and dependable

We don’t want to be the cheapest; we want to be known as craftsman – knowledgeable and sought out for our expertise. We have worked hard and learned many lessons in order to be considered amongst the best in our industry.