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Furnace and Heating System Installation

Does Your Old Furnace Need Replacement?

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Furnace and Heating System Installation

We have a variety of options for furnace and heating system installation in Fort Mill, SC, Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas. The current generation of heat pumps is nothing like your parents’—due to technology, they are highly efficient and produce warmer air when matched to the corresponding air handler. There are currently heat pumps that produce good heat well below zero.

Next are gas furnaces, which have also become highly efficient—not only in the combustion process but also with staged gas valves that allow the distribution of higher percentages of gas. When you need furnace and heating system installation, NASCAIR consultants can walk you through all of the options to determine what best suits your needs.

Remember that annual maintenance on your HVAC system helps prevent breakdowns and extends the life of the equipment. Sign up today for the NASCAIR Advantage maintenance plan and save money on repairs and systems.

Furnace and Heating System Installation

Is It Time to Replace My Old Heating System?

The average HVAC system has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. If you’re approaching this time frame or just not feeling comfortable in your home, our qualified service technicians can check your system and advise you, based on their findings, on the pros and cons of repairing or replacing your existing system.

When the cost of continuous repairs and monthly bills start to add up, in most cases it can be more economical to replace the unit. Our installation team at NASCAIR can go over your options so that you can have all the information you need to make the best decision possible for your home and budget.

If you’re interested in furnace and heating system installation in Charlotte, NC, Fort Mill, SC or any nearby cities, our team can be there for you. For a FREE estimate on our available options, call our knowledgeable NASCAIR team at (803) 802-8884 today!

Our FREE Consultation Includes:

We specialize in assessing your home and your family’s needs when it comes to replacing the current HVAC system in your home.  As part of our Free In Home Consultation, we will perform the following:

  • A Heat Loss or Heat Gain Calculation required by State Code
  • Inspection of the duct system for efficiency and adequate air flow
  • Verification of electrical and gas supply to be sure everything meets code for new installation
  • Offer options to address your family’s allergies with an oxidation air purification system
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Your FREE Consultation Includes:

  • System Assessment Consultation of existing system's performance.
  • Duct Assessment Verify integrity of existing duct system.
  • Electric Supply Verification that electrical supply is up to code.
  • Air Quality Offer air purification options for any allergens.
  • Access to Specials We offer our customers opportunities to save.
  • Contact Us We are ready to help with your HVAC needs

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Our HVAC services include heating and air conditioning repair, maintenance and replacements on all makes and models.

We also offer installation of ductless heating and air systems, ductwork replacement, home HVAC inspections and more.

Extend The Life Of Your System

Your Heating Needs Annual Maintenance

With NASCAIR Advantage, you can be assured that your system(s) will be inspected, cleaned and adjusted each season. There will be no worry about forgetting—as one of our Advantage Customers, NASCAIR will remind you to schedule your seasonal maintenance!

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NASCAIR utilizes highly trained technician professionals to service, repair and install all types of heating & air conditioning equipment and systems, from simple to the most complex, to meet each of our customer’s needs and budget. Great service is our top priority!

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