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Germicidal Ultraviolet Lights

APCO-with-VOCsAs you may know, the sun is a natural atmospheric germ controller. Unfortunately, it is prevented from performing this function indoors; however, this problem can be solved with specially designed UV Air Cleaners, which generate Germicidal UV light. The UV Air Cleaners can easily reduce or eliminate the DNA-based contaminants from the indoor air of homes, offices and public buildings.

Introducing The UV Light…

The UV Light accomplishes the sun’s job indoors, both efficiently and inexpensively, fighting the germs before they have made you ill.

How it Works…
When HVAC systems become contaminated with mold spores, viruses and bacteria and are not properly cleaned, they can become a “breeding ground” for those germs. Germicidal UV Lights reduce the concentration of these organisms in order to improve your home’s air quality and help keep your HVAC system clean. These UV Lights are particularly beneficial for the health of children, elderly and people with weakened immune systems.

UltraMAX™ EZUV™ Signature Series air treatment system combines proven T3™ energy saving efficiency with an all new ESP3™ electronic Smart-Power supply for the most value ever in UV.ezuv-ss-unit-lr


  • Lifetime system warranty
  • Two-year lamp life / one-year lamp warranty
  • Auto lamp shut-off at end of lamp life
  • Lamp-out warning with reset-able audible alarm
  • Two-lamp option
  • More UV with less power consumed
  • Increases HVAC efficiency
  • 12″ or 17 lamp(s)
  • UV Shield
  • EZ Magnetic Mount
  • Generates no ozone.

The UVPhotoMAX Signature Seriesuvpm-ss-3qtr-low-res

A whole house PCO oxidation air purifier that uses nanotechnology powered by an exclusive, patented Dual-Spectrum UV system to create the most powerful air purifier and sanitizer available for air handlers up to five-ton — residences and commercial environments up to 5000 square feet. In addition, it is very compact, and custom-adjustable for the size of the building or CFM. Available with 24-240 VAC Smart-Power, the Signature Series is easy to install, easy to service, and destroys odors and kills germs offering a new high level of effectiveness with its new technology PCO reactor.

  • Premium 304 Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • 24 – 240 VAC Smart-Power
  • UVLampMonitor Microprocessor Control
  • Enhanced PCO performance
  • Directly powers remote EZ-lamp UV-C option for mold removal on HVAC coil and interior surfaces



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